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All About the SkiVt-L Discussion List
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All About the SkiVt-L Discussion List

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All About the SkiVt-L Discussion List

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SkiVt-L is a Listserv style email discussion list.

Our all purpose disclaimer:
SkiVt-L is a non-commercial, non-profit, labor of love unaffiliated with any ski area or corporation. It is administered through the kindness of Academic Computing Services -- a tiny arm of Computing and Information Technology -- itself a division of the University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont 05410-0160. The opinions and snow reports distributed via SkiVt-L in no way, shape, or form represent the opinions of the any of the above named bodies; nor does anyone accept any responsibility for ruined ski vacations based on false or misleading information found here.

SkiVt-L welcomes the participation of all snow sliders. Three-pinners, riders, and backcountry enthusiasts with an interest in Vermont are encouraged to participate.

SkiVt-L exists as a non-partisan but often heavily biased source of area-provided and eye-witness condition reports, mostly from the Northern Vermont Ski Region: Jay Peak, Smugglers Notch, Stowe, Bolton Valley, Mad River Glen, and Sugarbush.

The area reports are compiled from several sources, including those filed with the various news wire services, the Weather Underground at University of Michigan, and the local ski area snow phone hot lines. These are augmented by daily postings of the Vermont State Weather Forecast and NWS hydrological reports from the summit of Mount Mansfield (Vermont's highest mountain) and the base of Jay Peak (Vermont's snowiest mountain). Heavy snow warnings are also included, too, as they come in from secret National Weather Service sources -- these are often modified by the contributors to include their own "hunches."

The eyewitness reports come from members like you.

Information on skiing outside the northern Vermont region (Killington, Stratton, towering Whiteface, various and sundry New Hampshire areas, and the odd report from Snowbird or Alpe d'Huez) appears on an ad-hoc basis.

Discussions of any and all other aspects of Vermont skiing and skiing in general are welcome and encouraged.

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How to interact with the list

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DO NOT send "unsubscribe" or "signoff" messages to Your request will be ignored, and your ignorance will be ridiculed. You have been warned.

Contolling you subscription the old fashioned way

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