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Tuckerman Ravine Adventure, 1994
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footnote 07: falling Down Chute

Tuckerman's Ravine

Report on visit, 5-8-94

copyright 1994, Wesley Alan Wright

Well, for some. I made the critical first turn (over a large ice waterfall and past a 4 foot diameter bottomless pit) count, and threw together 3 or 4 more turns before fatigue and excitement (fear?) manifested themselves into a stunning cartwheel and 200 foot slide for life. But, as Jay Jansen's report mentioned, I guess I was lucky: the two people who tumbled minutes after me did not fare quite as well. All I damaged was my ego. At least I provided some small spectacle for the goobers on Lunch Rocks.

Needless to say, the fall had me a bit rattled, and it took me several minutes (heck, most of the day) to really recover my composure. George and Ned told me it looked like I was in control and enjoying myself, but I can't say I agree. The whoops and hollers they heard were more along the lines of "Oh, God, No, Please, Stop, Help!"

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