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JMK's Trip Bariloche, Argentina 1994
Trip Report: Skiing in Argentina

Bariloche, Argentina


Well, I'm back from a week skiing in Argentina. I have that familiar little scab on the end of my nose (from dripping in the frigid air), chapped corners of my mouth (despite efforts to keep myself coated with chapstick), and a good headcold.

In short, I'm in mid-winter form.

It was a good trip, tho not without problems. Gory details will follow.

My intent is to make a series of postings about the trip maybe over the next couple of weeks. I am inspired by Wes' outstanding series on his February trip to the Alps (it was Wes, right?).

But there are a few things I can't do:

  1. I'm not a tenth the skier Wes is, so be ready for a lower-level perspective.

  2. Bariloche does not compare with the high powered resorts Wes visited. Details later. I can say it was great skiing for August.

  3. I doubt I can write as well as Wes.
Still, I have an ability to blather almost endlesssly and will do just that. To facilitate easy exit, I'll provide a subject label along the lines of "Bariloche: Subject xxxyyyzzz." Further, I'll try to keep each posting fairly short.

BTW, I have received some encouragement to write this report. I'll try to satisfy both of you who requested the update.

  • Pre-Trip Report
    • Part 1 from my living room
  • Bariloche: The Joy of Getting There
    • Part 2 of a trip report
  • Bariloche: snow conditions
    • Part three of a boring series
  • Bariloche: Killington South?
    • Part four of an increasingly unpopular series
  • Bariloche: No lawsuits here
    • Part five, I think. My system was down over the weekend so I'm not sure what has been sent and/or received.
  • Bariloche: town and country
    • Part six, just in case your're keeping count
  • Bariloche: terrain
    • Part seven of a series that will not die
  • Bariloche: trees and stuff
    • Part Eight of a soon to be major motion picture
  • Bariloche: sex
    • Part Nine on a subject I know nothing about. This is an established fact.
  • Bariloche: Tuesday, first day skiing
    • Part Ten blah blah blah
  • Barloche: Wednesday, second day
    • Part Eleven, do you believe how long this goes on?
  • Bariloche: Thursday, day three
    • Part Twelve of a series starring Eric Estrada as Gomez
  • Bariloche: Friday, day four
    • Part Thirteen of a cereal chock full of whole-grain goodness.
  • Bariloche: Saturday, last day
    • Part Fourteen of a series careening toward destruction.
  • Bariloche: Costs
    • Part Fifteen of an award winning series.
  • Bariloche: Mental pictures
    • Part sweet sixteen.
  • Bariloche: Strangeness
    • Part seventeen of a series no one except my Mom and Wes's Dad has read for weeks.
  • Bariloche: folks
    • Part eighteen, its getting thin now.
  • Bariloche: Wrap
    • Part Ultima
  • Bariloche: Snowboarding

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