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2000-05-05 Mansfield Spring Trek: Photos, Video and story
Movie: 2000-05-05 Mansfield
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2000-05-05 Mansfield Spring Trek: Photos, Video and story

Wesley and Roger ski Mount Mansfield: The Video

May 05 2000

Had to climb the mountain one last time.

Cover was still top to bottom on Nosedive, if not quite wall to wall.

Snowfields below Nose were a bit slushy, but lots of fun on silly skis. I thrashed a bit as a became reacquainted with my equipment, Snowfields are always a tough warm up. mr rogers had no such problems, but he practiced yesterday.

After a prerelease high in Bypass Chutes and some quick adjustment with swiss army knife, the AT gear became the more precision instruments and less the wayward puppies. Remainder of chutes were superb. Oh, for want of a Poma lift.

mr rogers and I brought a film crew to record the event. A roughly four minute video is now available on VHS. Lesser quality material can be found here in the form of a QuickTime 4.0 streaming video file (4fps 178x144 (plays at 320x240) H263/QDesign Music 22KHz mono 2MB Download for low-medium speed connections); a high quality albiet giant size QuickTime movies file (QuickTime FastStart 10fps 320x240 Sorenson (plays at 640x480) Video/QDesign Music 22KHz Stereo
18MB Download for high speed connections), and RealMedia streaming file (RealNetworks SureStream 240x180 plays at 320x240). All rendered on our high-tech SkiVt-L digital production facilities.

Luckily, as an official Digital Media Specialist, I can charge up all the time used to create them as Professional Development. This, I imagine, includes the filming, too.

Final tally for year:

  • Day 01, October 31, Nosedive
  • Day 62, May 04, Nosedive

Six months on, six months off.

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