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A Magic Mountain Photo Trail Map
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A Magic Mountain Photo Trail Map

The following is courtesy Stuart G. Cole...

Detailed photo of Magic

Here is a photo of Magic taken late March 1993 (a nice deep snow spring). For posterity I briefly note the general lay-out of trails with the ratings of old (expert, intermediate, novice). God knows what the new owners will do.

From RIGHT to LEFT we see: WIZARD, intermediate (SLIDE OF HANS, exp. a short pitch, not visible); SORCERER, exp.; TALISMAN, intermediate; and the MAGICIAN, exp. The top of Magician, the steepest slope on the mountain would not hold snow well, and was severely altered with the cutting (1970?) of BROOMSTICK, exp. (not visible) which was partially blasted into the steep section of Magician.

The wide LIFT LINE, expert, is the original Swiss double chair, converted to a triple in the 80's.

The narrow lift line, REDLINE, exp. is the Poma double.

The left side of the mountain is divided by the diagonal running WAND, novice. Above Wand, to the left of Redline, is WITCH, exp.; then the TWILIGHT ZONE, exp., a wonderful wide glade area. Next is FIRST TRICK, int-exp; and the MAGIC CARPET a 2 mile novice run from the top. There are several short cuts off and into Magic Carpet - UP YOUR SLEEVE, MEDIUM, HIGH ANXIETY, VERTIGO.

Below Wand, moving LEFT from Liftline are CARUMBA, KINDERSPIEL, and SHOW-OFF with a few short pitches cut in. One can just see the cut of the once newest Poma Triple, sold to Berkshire East area in Mass. just a few years ago. There is a short chair serving a beginner area with HOCUS POCUS, RABBIT RUN, etc.

All in all about 27 named runs, including cut offs, etc. The folks who last owned the place had a trail count of 47!, NOT including the now defunct Timberside!

My plan would have been to better integrate the top and bottom halves on the left side, so there would be more top to bottom runs without the severe cut/division that the Wand causes. Also, the Magician top could be re-cut for a real steep shot. As you can imagine, given reasonable amounts of natural snow, this can be a very fun mountain.

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