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Vermont Skiers Travel the World
Photo: Tuckerman Ravine

Ski Vermont!

A World Class High-speed Detachable Quad

Or, Vermont Skiers Travel the World. The Green Quad travels to Tuckerman Ravine, just next door in New Hampshire (story and Photos Jonathan Ben Kamien and Wesley Wright. Peek inside the lift operator's hut for a Mountain Cam look at the summit, updated daily.) The Red télécabine carries you to The Haute Savoie of France (story and Photos Wesley Wright). Finally, board the Blue Gondola for a trip down south to Bariloche, Argentina (story James Michael Kusack). To the west, we find Lake Tahoe. SkiVeetler Todd Rossignol went there in late March, 1996. Here's his story.

While Vermont skiing is still the best, there are some other spots in the Eastern North Country that may or may not deserve a visit. To find out for sure, the SkiVt-L team took a low-budget excursion to the Far East, to see if there really was New England skiing after the deepest thaw of the century. Loon, Wildcat (New Hampshire), Sunday River and Sugarloaf (Maine) were visited.

Visit the Vermont Whale

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