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I missed the thread re: green plaid. What is this about?

Wesley at Alpe d'Huez It all started about 4 or 5 years ago when Wesley Wright went to Johnson Woolen Mills and got a pair of Green Plaid woolen overalls (actually, he just tried them on, and his mom bought them for him for Christmas). Since then, these overalls have been Wesley's "trademark" ski attire. Numerous references to Green Plaid appear throughout the SkiVt-L Archives.

After one of the SkiVt-L gatherings at Stowe, it was suggested by Jim Kusack that we adopt some sort of device such as green plaid armbands for recognizing each other in lift lines and lodges.

Image: A Scrap of Plaid In early October, 1996, Walter Pomeroy (TellyDude) visited the Mills and bought a big hunk of green plaid wool remnant for a couple of bucks. He cut it into strips, and offered them to the list as the long sought after recognition device. He has been sending strips out through the mail to whom ever asks. Sorry, but Walter's strips are all now gone; however, Johnson Woolen Mills has plenty of fabric left if you are so inclined.

What the Mills do not have is any more green plaid wool overalls. Wesley went back to get a new pair in August 2000. Here's the story.

Wesley has since certified that the Green Plaid provided by Walter is indeed the One True Plaid, officially recognized and licensed for use by SkiVt-L. Accept no substitutes.

Accept no substitutes, even though both the Mills and the plaid itself have transformed. The original Plaid Pants have faded considerably since their purchase. Below you see two scans of fabric from the originals. The top image is from the inside back panel: it exhibits the original bright green and intricate patterning of the plaid, as well as the label of authenticity. The middle is from the outside of the garmet, knee section, which has seen a lot of sun and has faded from it's previous glory. The bottom image is the "1994 plaid" purchased in August 2000. Same but different, I guess.

Original Glory

Faded Glory

New Glory

Wesley would also like to express how flattered he is to serve as the fashion template and color guard for this esteemed group. Also many thanks to the TellyDude for his tireless distribution efforts, and of course, Johnson Woolen Mills, the One True Plaid Source.

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